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Filter are an important part of the industrial field. They are used to filter unwanted variables such as dirt and contaminants from the air, water, and oil. Filter differ in pore size, and thus you need to know the size of the contaminants that you want to get rid of.

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Inline filters are used to remove contaminants from a closed system that may contain air, water or gas. Gas and air filter reduces debris that gets into the system. Manufacturing companies use compressed air as a source of energy. Gas and air systems are affected by contaminants in the system hence the need to have inline filters. Seals are able to last longer when the compressed air is filtered. The advantages of filtering the air include an efficient operational cost, increases productivity and is time saving.

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Compressed air is a popular source of energy in any manufacturing plant. However, the process of compressing air leads to various contaminants, including dust, debris, and debris. The presence of pollutants wears out the seals and may destroy the compressed air and gas systems. Good news is the damage is preventable. All you have to do is introduce filter elements. The filtering process ensures you have clean air and gas in the system. Uncontaminated compressed air reduces operational cost, saves time, and boosts productivity.

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air compressor parts

Several companies are incorporating the use of air compressors in their day to day activities. Whether you run a service station or a manufacturing plant, this device will help you distribute power using a central motor. Take a look at how some of the compressor parts work, and their use in this power-distributing device.

Piston compressor

Pistons are generally found in reciprocating compressors. Their work is to increase the pressure of the gas, so it moves at a faster pace. Once the valve draws in air, the piston compresses it causing the air to move into the tank at high pressure. However, once the pressure increases to the point that the cylinder cannot handle, the mortar switches off.

Rotary screw compressor

If you have a large firm that requires more energy, your go-to device is the rotary screw compressor. The rotors compress the gas, which is then forced to move through the compressor. At this speed, it is inevitable. Even so, you can increase the rotational speed to ensure that there is a balance between leakage and effective flow rates.

Compressor Parts

While the compressor works as a complete gadget, smaller air compressor parts are put in place to make coherent movements that eventually produce power. These are:

  • Belts – These are connected to a series of other air compressor parts to aid in the circular motion.
  • The motor - This can be termed as the motherboard in a powerplant. It controls all the functions of this object by converting electric energy into kinetic energy. Which comes in handy in power tools that run smoothly and do not require a lot of energy.
  • Bearings -The bearings are essential in turning the crankshaft.
  • Connecting rods – These are the items that are used to connect the piston to the crank pin.
  • Gauges – A gauge measures pressure. An air compressor has two of these, and each serves a different purpose. One is used to measure the pressure inside the tank, while the other one, known as the regulator air gauge shows the pressure settings of the air regulator.
  • Springs – These control the mechanics of the compressor's system.
  • Valves – They are small openings that allow air, water, or oil to move into or out of a particular compartment.

There are many more parts of a compressor that makes its work more manageable, but these are just a few of the essential ones. You can take a look at more of these air compressor parts online. Remember, it is critical to lubricate these parts from time to time to ensure that they move smoothly. Otherwise, you may experience a breakdown of the system if lubrication is not done regularly. Read more about oiling the air compressor parts online of you are not sure how to go about it.

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PMJ International is the home of compressor parts, spares, filters and much more, available to order online. From compressor oil and lubricants to filters and condensate management, you can find all our high quality parts here. Call freephone: 0800 677 1367 to enquire about any compressor parts/

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