Air compressor accessories

1. Air Hoses

When choosing an air hose, it depends on the type of air compressor that you are using. This will give you an idea of the air hose size. There are different types of air hoses with varying lengths, adaptors, materials, and diameters.
Also, your taste and preference have an impact on the air hose you choose. You can select a short air hose, long and extra-long, and a retractable air hose.

2. Air Couplers

Air couplers are used to connect the air compressor hose and the tools. They act as a joint that holds two pieces together. They twist and move, which prevents the hose from kinking. They are connected to the tools and create a seal between the air compressors. This ensures that the air pressure is not lost, and the parts remain in one place.
When you are buying an air coupler, ensure that you get the correct piece, and they are compatible. This is to ensure that they fit perfectly and prevent them from shooting off. This could be dangerous as someone may get hurt if this happens.

3. Blowguns

The blowguns are commonly used in detailing shops and body shops. They are used for drilling, painting, detailing, and sanding. The blowguns use air to blow away any dust particles, debris, and shavings from hard to reach surfaces. This could be the seams of a seat or an engine.
When choosing a blowgun, you should choose one depending on the work you plan to do. This will influence the style, the airflow, and the reach of the blowgun.

4. Filters

Having an air filter can prolong your equipment life and increase its long term services. They remove condensation, rust, scale, and any damaging particles which can affect your hose and its attachments.
The air filters are used for different levels of filtrations, depending on the up to you chose. There are some which offer five stages of filtration. They are used to remove particles and air up to 40 microns. Also, there are some which are mounted on the wall. This is used to filter the air that is delivered to the compressor from the start.

When looking for air compressor accessories, ensure that they are compatible. This means that you should look at the size and style of the compressor before getting any accessory.