Air compressor check valve

The Principle Behind a Check Valve

Whether referring to a hydrovane compressor or a centrifugal model, the presence of a check valve is of critical importance. The principle behind any type of check valve involves the regulation of air flow. This type of valve will allow air to flow in only a single direction at any given time. Why is this essential?

Compressors will need to contain pressurised air within certain sections (such as the receiver) while other portions need to remain at normal pressure. A check valve acts as a regulator so that this air can be used when required and perhaps more importantly, so that any air that has already left cannot flow back into the system. The single-directional manner of this valve is actually quite similar to valves located within the human circulatory system.

What Happens if a Check Valve Fails?

In the event that a check valve ceases to function properly, air can begin to leak from the compressor and you might not be able to achieve the pressure required to complete a specific task. Or, the unit will require much more time to build up the necessary pressure. In any of these situations, the chances are high that the check valve is the ultimate culprit.

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