Air Compressor UK

If you want to make sure that your air compressor UK system continues functioning properly during winter, then it is crucial that you protect it from extreme seasonal temperatures.

How low temperatures can affect your system

Should the air around your air compressor become too cold or too hot, it might not start or have other types of performance problems.

Following are some of the more common issues related to air compressors and cold weather:

• Rust due to a build-up of moisture in the system

• Increased electricity usage because of oil becoming too thick and forcing the compressor to use more electricity

• Fluids becoming frozen, caused by condensate freezing, resulting in ice gathering and adversely affecting the efficient running of the system

• Voids and obstructions due to condensation freezing and the ice causing a blockage or void and preventing effective compression

• Breakage or warping caused by condensate freezing within pipes and/or individual components and becoming thick enough to push against the inner sides of the system, resulting in possible holes, cracks or warping

Winter maintenance for your air compressor

It is important that you winterize your air compressor at least two months before temperatures start dropping.

First of all, inspect the compressor as well as the enclosure if there is one and check the condition of the insulation and weather-stripping and restore if there are any worn or inconsistent areas.

Next, check the pipes and drains for any damage. Since these need to be kept clear during winter, make sure to repair any cracking or warping before the cold weather, to make sure that the pipework remains intact.

After you have done your inspection:

• Upgrade your existing dryers or add new models

• Change the filters

• Fit an internal heater to your system

• Install trace heating. This will keep the pipes warm and prevent condensation

Finally, call in a company of professionals like PMJ International that operates in all areas of the UK, handle any minor problems before they become more serious issues during the cold winter months.

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