Air compressors are an essential part of household power tools like the drill and nail gun. Air compressors pump high-pressure air into gas tanks, powering HVAC control systems, and even filing tires. The uses of compressors grow each year as technology advances, and there are new ways to fit compressor motors in power tools. The pressurised air has a lot of force, making it useful for various applications.

Atlas Copco compressors

Types of Atlas Copco Compressors

There are two significant compressors, namely the oil-free air compressor and oil-injected air compressors. Each type of air compressor has its unique benefits and applications. The critical difference is that oil-free air compressors have a minimum risk of contamination. The kind of compressor depends on the air purity requirements of a company. Companies with lax requirements may be free to use and oil-injected air compressor. Oil-injected air compressors require lubrication of the compression chamber.

What are air compressor designs?

The design of an air compressor determines the speed at which air can be pressurised for use or storage. There are two primary designs of compressors, namely fixed-speed compressors and variable speed drive compressors. A fixed-speed compressor sucks air until full capacity and runs at a continuous speed throughout a cycle. It is essential to understand the efficient number of loads to run because many start and stops can lead to inefficiencies. The fact that the compressor runs at full capacity may be great for productivity. However, the motor has to runs for a few more moments after completing a load to protect the engine during the end of cycles.

Variable speed drive compressors work at the speed of the demand of a plant or company. As the demand for compressed air rises, the compressor adjusts appropriately and vice versa. The compressor matches its speed to the current output demand. The compressor is efficient and effective in utilising electricity.

Where can you find high quality atlas copco compressors?

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