fuel filter elements

A bad fuel filter or one that is clogged up eventually leads to several car problems. As a car owner, you need to continually check your fuel and clean it or replace it with a new and quality fuel filter from PMJ International.

Let’s take a look at the common symptoms of a bad fuel filter.

Reduced engine power

One of the most common signs of a bad or clogged up fuel filter is the lack of engine power. The lack of engine power in all gears could be due to the lack of fuel reaching the injector. In this case, the fuel filter is clogged up with rust or dirt, thus allowing little or no fuel to get through. When this happens, the Engine Control Unit (ECU), restricts the engine output, which is the cause for reduced or lack of engine power.

Stalling engine

If you experience your engine losing power on a steep incline or under hard acceleration, chances are your fuel filter is bad or is clogged up. During hard acceleration, the engine requires extra fuel to produce the acceleration power and a bad fuel filter will limit the amount of fuel getting through to the injector hence stalling the engine.

A stalling engine or lack of acceleration can also be as a result of a vacuum leak or a faulty sensor but be sure to suffer this with a bad fuel filter. A lousy filter may also be as a result of poor quality and efficacy and not necessarily clogging up with debris, which is why you must order your fuel filters from trusted and renowned suppliers such as PMJ International.

Random cylinder misfire

The third symptom common symptom of a bad fuel filter is a random engine misfire. Once again, the faulty fuel filter restricts the amount of fuel reaching the injector, thus the random engine misfire. While driving on a hill, or carrying a heavy load, you may experience vehicle stutter, but the lousy fuel filter does not cause engine misfire when the vehicle is at a halt.

Benefits of Choosing PMJ International

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In case you suffer any mechanical hitches due to a bad fuel filter, you should order a replacement from a trusted, reputable supplier for quality fuel filter elements and compressed air parts like PMJ International.