cabinet filters

What Are Compressed Air Filters?

Also known as line filters, they are components used together with air compressors and their main function is to remove impurities such as dirt, oil, dust and even water from the air to protect your equipment. They come in different types the reciprocating compressor which uses a cylinder for air compression, the rotary screw that uses a spiral screw for air diminishing and the centrifugal that rotates to transfer the compressed air for functioning.

What Are Compressed Air Filters Used for?

Impurities such as dust create friction on moving parts, such as pneumatic actuators and imperfections on paint jobs, and eventually will wear down your equipment. A messy substance is often formed when the dust is mixed with oil in compressors. This reduces the efficiency of the machine and to protect your equipment, a compressed filter is used.

How do Compressed Air Filters work?

The compressors function in two stages. First, the cabinet filters that are in the compressor absorbs harmful substance from the air where they are first siphoned. After the air has been sucked in, the filtration and condensation begin, for the removal of water and oil through the pre-filters. The second stage involves passing the filtered air through fibre in the cabinet filters to accelerate the air which is used to power a machine.

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