Compressed air filter

How Does It Work?

Despite the availability of several types of compressed air and gas filter elements, all of them give you contaminant-free air. The work of the filter is to remove oil, water, and solids from the compressed air to protect delicate equipment from damage. However, the elements have a limited life and need constant replacement. The amount of contaminants, pressure, and temperature determines its useful life. Remember, the filter is removing high-velocity dust particles at extremely high pressure and temperatures. The extreme conditions cause damages to the filtering media over time. It is hard to notice problems with the element until it slows down your operation. Therefore, to ensure optimal performance ensure you change the filter on an annual basis.

Benefits of Compressed Air and Gas Filters

• Compressed air and gas filters protect your expensive equipment from damage. The removal of contaminants ensures they don't affect the delicate instruments.

• Filters guarantee high quality, dry and clean compressed air for efficiency in operations. In addition to dust and solid particles, filters also get rid of oil and water to keep the compressed air dry.

• With filters in place, you will save a lot of cash on repairs and equipment maintenance which may be damaged by the contaminants. Filters are relatively cheap to replace compared to the cost you would incur in repairing or purchasing new equipment.

• Clean and dry air increases efficiency, thereby boosting productivity and revenue. Every business wants smooth operation, and maximum efficiency and filters can guarantee it.

• Most compressed air and gas filters are easy to install and maintain. Apart from changing annually, there is nothing else you need to do. When you purchase a new filter, they are usually delivered ready to install. There are numerous brands of filter elements. However, an ideal filter should be efficient in removing contaminants. It should also have an automatic drain, a filter cartridge, and a pressure indicator.

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