compressor air filter

Why do you need Compressed Air Filters?

Basing on the work they perform, the air filter system happens to be an essential part of any vehicle. Without a proper compressor filter, the damage that will occur to your car will be unbearable and costly to counteract. Therefore, you need to check and replace them with the compressor air filters from PMJ International. We are a leading supplier of quality compressed air parts from brands such as the Condor, Clarke, Ingersoll Rand, and Mattei, throughout the UK.

How do they operate?

In terms of operation, compressed air goes past a mesh-like filter to create a union effect. Absorption of larger contaminants and oil takes place while the water condenses into bigger droplets. Therefore, these particles effectively move into the separation chamber where they are separated. In the next filtration stage, the compressed air’s speed reduces to enable the water particles to condense on a pad in the air compressor, which looks like a honeycomb. As a result, the water droplets pass down to the end of the air compressor’s drainage system via a power-driven drain faucet to the release section. Besides, the compressed air passes through fiber to create thousands of tiny vortices and accelerates the air as well.

What are the three types of Compressed Air Filters?


They are also called particulate filters, and they facilitate the removal of dirt and particulates of less than one micrometer, water vapor and oil to 0.1-micrometer from the compressed air. The dust particles get trapped inside the filter material with large dust holding capacity where they stay.

Coalescing filters

Coalescing filters help majorly to eliminate oil aerosols and water suspended in the compressed air stream in the form of small droplets type. Their filter materials create small 0.1-micrometer particles of water, dust, and oil drops while the mist stick together, forming bigger droplets.

Activated Carbon Filter

This kind of compressed air filter uses combined carbon-fiber materials to eliminate oil odors and vapors of the compressed air. This type of air filter is commonly used in industries where medicine or food is processed as well as for breathing air applications. Activated carbon filters only work on air that is entirely free from solid or liquid contaminants.