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Pressure switch for air compressor

Air Compressor Pressure Switch and How it Works

This is a device responsible for measuring the pressure inside your air tank, which is set to automatically put off the compressor the air pressure inside your air tank reaches the desirable level. The pressure switch for compressor ensures that it regulates the air pressure at proper levels even as you go about your duties.

How does a compressor pressure switch work?

The pressure switch for compressor utilises the air lines, crucial in checking the pressurised air as it flows to and from the air tank. The diaphragm will physically compress when it is exposed to the air. The increasing air will cause a buildup of cut-out pressure, which then deforms the diaphragm causing the switch to move. When the diaphragm is deformed enough, the inside of the switch will break contact because of the movement, causing power from flowing to the compressor switch circuit stopping the compressor from continuing to pressurise the air in the tank.

Continuous air movement means that the diaphragm will remain deformed keeping the switch open. When the air movement drops enough, meaning that the cut-out pressure has drop to a certain level, it will cause the diaphragm to revert, enabling the internal operator deform in opposite direction closing the switch to complete the circuit. As long as the air compressor is in use, this process will keep repeating itself. However, any cases of leakage will cause the compressor pressure switch to stop working and might lead to serious problems if not checked. 

However, it is easy to test whether your compressor pressure switch is working or not by using an ohm meter and a separate source of air. This activity can save you a lot of headache and costs.