Pulleys are essential components of any air compressor, as they are attached to the motor and play a critical role in sending pressurised air to the nearby tank.

These mechanical devices can nonetheless be damaged over time due to common issues such as wear and tear. This is when a replacement may be required.

Changing out an existing pulley is a rather straightforward process if we learn to appreciate the main steps involved. Let's break down this task into a handful of suggestions.

The Use of a Bearing Puller

This tool is specifically designed to clamp around the circumference of the pulley itself (once the motor housing has been removed so that the entire wheel can be accessed).

The jaws of the bearing puller will fit snugly around the pulley and in the majority of cases, the entire piece will simply slide off of the shaft by depressing the bearings.

However, there can be times when the configuration of a specific pulley cannot be addressed with this technique.

Alternative Methods

What if the pulley needs to be removed before installing quality parts such as the selection of Clarke compressor spares offered by our team and you do not have a bearing puller? In this case, the use of an Allen key or a hex wrench will normally be required.

Depending upon the model of the pulley wheel, there may be more than one Allen screw present (the main one is likely to be found in the centre). Turn the screw counterclockwise in order to loosen it. Remove any additional screws that may be present. The wheel will then be essentially detached from the shaft.

Assuming that the belt is still in place, manipulate the wheel so that the belt can likewise be taken off. The wheel should then easily slide out.

When employing either of the methods mentioned here, always be certain that the compressor is deactivated in order to avoid serious injury.

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