Inline filters

Select Your Filter Size

Different types of inline filters require different sizes of filters. Therefore, you should have an in-depth understanding of your compressor. Choosing the wrong filter size drastically reduces the effectiveness and durability of your compressor. All equipments have tags specifying air filter sizes. In cases where the filter tag is not available, check the specification of the air filter in use. Check the measurements to determine whether it’s nominal size or actual size. Nominal sizes are measurements rounded up to the nearest inch. Choose the perfect thickness. Buyers mainly assume that thicker filters are more effective but when thickness doesn’t match to the specifications, the compressor becomes hampered.

Determine the Air Quality Needed

Deciding on the best quality of air needed is often a personal decision influenced by individual’s needs and preferences such as health concerns. If the pollutants are known to cause allergy among immediate or end users, choosing the best filter that traps these specific allergens is prioritised. Read through the product description to identify if it meets your needs. Also, check product ratings for a sound decision.

Costs and Considerations

Cost and quality should be the determining factors in the final stages of decision-making. Quality inline filters produce cleaner air, has low pressure-drop that saves energy, and guarantees smooth functioning of your compressor. In this case, PMJ international steps up to help buyers get the best air filters at affordable cost. PMJ international offers the best compressed air and gas filters from leading manufacturers like Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, Boge, and Mattei. Ordering from PMJ International suppliers guarantees you a next day delivery, competitive prices, and the best consumer-supplier relationship.