Air compressor parts

This might sound counter-intuitive, but if your air compressor output pressure is too high, it could be putting strain on the joints and connectors in your distribution airline, leading to avoidable leaks.

 If you can reduce the compressor output pressure while still achieving the same pressure at the point of use, you can make immediate energy and cost savings while you tackle some more long-term fixes.

2. Check dryers and in-line filters

Change your compressor filters coalescing filter element and check the operating drain, PMJ International do a full range of compressor filters and automatic drains.

3. Check your connections

Make sure you are using the correct size and type of joints and connectors throughout your airline, check for air leaks this can be done with at the end of the day when all production machines are off, listen for air leaks and repair as these are extremely costly.

 4-Make sure compressors are serviced

Its important to make sure your compressor is serviced regularly using quality compressor parts simply changing a dirty intake filter will increase the efficiency of the compressor by 20%.