• Ensure the air compressor is unplugged and the electricity is turned off. To protect your hands, equip yourself with some protective work gloves, empty all of the air pressure from the tank by tugging the ring up on the safety valve.

• Next, separate the pressure switch tube from the valve by loosening the pressure switch tube fitting.

• After that, ensure you disconnect the valve from the outlet tube

• Once the value is disconnected, unscrew the valve and detach it from the tank.

Compressor parts

• Now is the time to fit the new valve. Do this by threading the valve into the tank and connect the pressure switch tube. Ensure you tighten the valve.

• Reattach the outlet tube on the valve.

• Link the pressure switch tube on the check valve to reconnect.

• Finally reconnect the compressor by plugging it back into the mains.

How can I keep safe when changing a valve?

A good pair of thick work gloves are essential when changing a valve as well as having the proper tools (such as a wrench set and compressor accessories). Ensure you are confident with the process before attempting to change the valve yourself. In some cases, it would be more beneficial to hire a qualified technician.

How do I know when I need to change the valve?

You will know when it’s time to change the valve as high air pressure pours back into the pump head which causes the piston to stop movement and as a result the motor won’t start. If any part of the valve is damaged it is time to change the valve or alternatively get a new part for the valve.

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