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What are Inline Air Filters?

Inline air filters are used to separate water, dirt, oil, and other particulates in a compressed air system. They are designed to protect equipments such as pneumatic actuator and air motor in grinders against wearing out. Often, dirt combines with oil to form a sticky mess inside the compressed air system blocking the motors, valves, and other parts. This is a major problem that requires the buyer, to compare and select the best inline air filters before making a purchase. However, choosing the best air filters among many alternatives in the market is challenging without a guide. Below is a comprehensive guide on the factors you should consider, from quality and specifications to price and suppliers.

Comments | Posted By Paul Johnson On Wednesday, 11 September 2019 10:42:47 Europe/London

The work of these inline filters is to keep the compressed air clean and away from any impurities in terms of particulates and oils that passes from the chambers of the compressed air equipment into your system. In the most technical way, you can have these filters fitted anywhere in the piping system of the compressed air. However, it will depend on the specifications and functions of your system. This can be done using different methods, and the most common are as follows:

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Inline filters are used to remove contaminants from a closed system that may contain air, water or gas. Gas and air filter reduces debris that gets into the system. Manufacturing companies use compressed air as a source of energy. Gas and air systems are affected by contaminants in the system hence the need to have inline filters. Seals are able to last longer when the compressed air is filtered. The advantages of filtering the air include an efficient operational cost, increases productivity and is time saving.

Comments | Posted By Paul Johnson On Thursday, 11 July 2019 09:15:56 Europe/London
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