Inline filters


Equipment is protected from damage by removing debris from the contaminated air by removing oil, water and any solids that may find its way in the system. To ensure the filters work efficiently there is the need to constantly replace them. It is recommended that filters are changed annually but in cases of notable operational changes it is changed.

Benefits of Inline Filters

• Efficiency is increased by dry and clean air in the system.

• Maintenance and installation is easy since everything in the filter is inbuilt.

• Equipment last longer due to removal of debris from the system. It is easier to change filters as compared to buying new equipment which is expensive.

• Compressed air is high quality, thus increasing its functionality.

 Importance of filters

Compressed air in the system needs to be regularly filtered to increase the effectiveness of the air. Equipment in the system is protected from the debris that creates damage to their functioning.

The choice of filters to be used is dependent on the system being run. OSHA approved filtration needs the systems to use charcoal filters while some need the dry particulate filter. Compressed air main contaminants include vapours, aerosols and particulates. Metal particles and dirt are examples of particulate. Liquid droplets are referred to as aerosols, while lubricants make up the vapours.

The different contaminants needs different filters. Dry particulates are removed via diffusion, interception and inertial impaction. For vapours and aerosols adsorption and coalescing is used.


There are various factors to consider when choosing a filter.

• Separation of particles. Determination of what particles are to be removed ensures the filter chosen is effective.

• Compatible with chemicals. Filter elements used need to be compatible with the filter, thus avoiding corrosion.

• Operation conditions. It involves whether the filter can withstand certain conditions such as boiling points.

• Physical connection of the filter. The method to be used, valves present and different configurations among others.