Air Compressor UK

The features

Understand the features of the air compressor before making a purchase. What features are most suited for the task at hand and which can simplify your job? A belt-drive system, for instance, gives quieter operation than a direct-drive one. An oil-free pump does not mix oil with the compressed air and also is easier to maintain. Thermal protections are great at preventing the damage of the machine while an adjustable exhaust drives exhaust away from your working area. Compressors that have multiple couplers accommodate multiple tasks without the need to disconnect tools. 

Electric (240V or 415V)

Electric compressors are relatively quiet, are lightweight and run smoothly.  They are also great at performing heavy-duty tasks. The power needed will determine the voltage to consider. 

Working Pressure (Psi)

Determine the air pressure you require most air tools run between 40-100 Psi but if you are pumping up lorry tires you will need a higher pressure 100-150psi

Stationary or Mobile?

This will depend on your area of operation. A stationary air compressor is fixed in one position and does not allow movement. They come with larger tank sizes because they have big air compressor capacities. 

These are best for automotive works and industrial applications. Mobile air compressors are flexible and allow you to have compressed air anywhere. This model is best for building and construction sites. 

Horsepower and CFM

Air compressors are measured by their horsepower (HP). However, because the amount of HP does not always match the compressed air, this can, at times, be misleading. The best measurement for performance is standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) because it factors in the performance of HP. 

Understand that motors function differently. In most cases, the engine is between 1-2 HP. If you need your air compressor for industrial needs, look for about 5HP. Note that the HP will not gauge the strength of your compressor, but cubic feet per minute CFM will give you a better idea. CFM measures the amount of air delivered. 

There are many factors to look into while buying an air compressor UK but the most crucial is the performance rating. How energy efficient is the air compressor, and is it durable? Modern compressors handle almost every task, depending on the type and model, so choose wisely.