Bambi Compressor Spares

Bambi compressors are used in a number of applications, including manufacturing, scientific research and healthcare. You require several Bambi compressor spares to ensure that your compressor runs well and optimally after every service. It is always recommended that you purchase authentic parts for your unit to ensure optimal functionality and prevent damage from incompatibility.

Quality Spare Parts

At PMJ International, we have a wide range of spare parts for different Bambi compressors across the board. It is our determination to ensure that you get the right part to cut down on downtime and ensure that your compressor works at its full capacity. To ensure that you get the right part, we need to check the exact Bambi compressor parts that require replacement and use the details to fulfil your order. Your compressor service personnel will assist you in making orders for the spare parts.

Common Spare Parts


Bambi compressors come with a number of filters, depending on the model. We have air filters, separator filers, cabinet filters and oil filters in stock. Our filters offer long life in service, OEM quality and are corrosion free. Most of the filters have a residual content of less than 2 ppm at a 0.2 bar differential, making them ideal for oil-free compressors. In addition, we offer a full product warranty for our filters and work with some of the leading filter manufacturers from around the world.

Compressor Service Kits

We have genuine service kits for all Bambi compressor models. The use of service kits ensures that you do not make guesses when getting parts for your compressors. These OEM parts are manufactured in high-quality standards with attention to function, design and durability. Therefore, expect out parts to work efficiently and for long after the service.

Other Compressor Parts

In addition to the components mentioned, we all supply consumables and many other Bambi compressor parts that you would need for the repair and service of your compressor. Reach us for kits for air end rebuilds, electrical switch gears, scavenge filters, oil return valves, coupling rubbers and belts, among other drive media. We also have thermistors and thermal motors, as well as oils seals and main bearings in stock.

The length of your Bambi compressor life and performance is dependent on the quality of service and parts used in repairs. Use our quality Bambi compressor spares to save on cash due to a durable build and ensure optimal performance through the entire compressor’s life.

For any enquiries about our products, please call our freephone parts hotline on 0800 677 1367.

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