Boge Compressors

BOGE is globally known for its best-compressed air resolutions. By providing low-energy, cost-effective compressed air, and compressor systems, in addition to dryers, line filters, and condensate management tools, BOGE covers a wide variety of applications. This includes the food, plastics, steel, and therapeutic industries. Regular upkeep and exclusive usage of original BOGE compressor parts are the finest ways to guarantee a long-term, fully functional, efficient, and optimally effective compressed air source.

BOGE Original Parts

Lower compressor accessories could increase operating costs and affect the performance of your system. This means that high-quality original BOGE products ought to be your primary and only option for compressed air equipment such as filters, lubricants, Condensate bags, service kits, and collection cartridges.

Inadequate inlet filters and poor quality simulations can cause the compression unit to malfunction (due to increased ingress of particulates) and augmented wear on the compressor site. That, in turn, may lead to reduced performance and thus high costs, or even total machine cancellation. You ought to also note that warranties and guarantees claims are void if original parts of BOGE are not utilised. So, ensure that you are purchasing an original spare part to avoid losses and future inconveniences.

The BOGE Cairpac

For an air compressor to operate efficiently, the gears must be optimally augmented. If the newly installed replacement parts do not fulfil the manufacturer’s stipulations, the result may be an increase in compressor pressure, and consequently an increased energy consumption and operating costs.

A BOGE “cairpac” preservation package is tailored to your specific needs and also saves you cash. All you require is the reference figure of your compressor to order all the spare parts you need to repair your machines. All items in a BOGE cairpac conservation package are designed for optimum compatibility with the air compressors we offer. Rest assured of quality and original products.

We, at PMJ-International, offer a wide range of compressor parts and spares with many of today’s leading brands, including Ingersoll Rand, BOGE, and Mattei across the UK. We also offer efficient, high-quality alternatives to BOGE compressor parts. Our goal is to make sure that your compressor parts are conveyed when you require them. You have full control when you place an order via our secure e-commerce booking system. Choose PMJ International for your Boge compressor parts solutions and you will have complete peace of mind. Enjoy our services, low prices and timely delivery. Call our Parts Hotline on freephone: 0800 677 1367 with any enquiries.

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