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PMJ International is a major stockist and distributor of Mann compressor filters for all vacuum ,
Compressed air and many other industrial applications.

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Combustion engines need dirt-free intake air to get the best possible performance. If contaminants in the air like dust or soot or get in the burning compartment, pitting might crop up on the cylinder heads. This will cause premature wear of the engine. The functionality of the electronic parts situated between the suction as well as the combustion chamber might be extensively damaged too.

MANN air filters bring to an end for every dirt particle. It does not matter whether it is pollen, dust, soot, sand, or water droplets. This is because of the highest level of dirt separation as well as the high mechanical stability of MANN-FILTER air filters since they filter even the tiniest particles. This allows the most favorable composition of the fuel-air relation and makes sure that the performance of the engine is steady.

So as to ensure performance, the MANN air filters are supposed to be regularly checked. This is because a blocked filter will obstruct the supply of air to the engine, and the likely outcome of this is that the fuel might not be fully burned. Thus, might, to a certain extent, be thrown away without even being used. This is an additional characteristic of MANN-FILTER air filters. Their high dust holding capability guarantees dependability all through the whole service period.


Choosing the perfect air filter requires looking at your purpose, environment as well as objectives. It is famous that making the correct filter pick might considerably decrease your energy expenses. The ISO 16890 has since made it easy to select the most suitable filtration effective for your construction. Each and every qualifying air filters are categorized from A+ – E. A+ stands for the most excellent energy presentation, while E represents the smallest. Therefore, know first the purpose of the filter, and the type and size of the pollutants that the filter is going to handle. Then see the level of filtration (cleanliness) needed the circumstances of the close environment as well as the size of the filter you require.


They might appear quite simple, but there is much technology that is packed in an air filter. The unclean air usually goes on one side of a filter while clean air comes out from the other. The air is purified the four basic techniques of HVAC air filtration, namely: Inertial impaction, Interception, Diffusion, and Electrostatic attraction.

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