Ingersoll Rand Compressors

Air compressors are essential components of construction projects. Whether you are mechanic, contractor, technician or a homeowner who loves to do DIY projects, you know that an air compressor helps you carry out a range of tasks more efficiently. Air compressors are pricey hence, the need to purchase from the best brands. Ingersoll Rand is known to produce the best air compressors in the market. First, they are designed for heavy and medium-level industrial work, making them ideal for most construction budgets. Secondly, OEM quality compressor parts are readily available. We stock a range of compressor parts from Ingersoll Rand; all you need is to identify the right one for your model. Here are more reasons why you should purchase Ingersoll Rand compressors and parts from us.

OEM Parts

There are many aftermarket Ingersoll Rand compressor parts, which may not fit the equipment well. Experts recommend buying the parts directly from the manufacturer or trusted dealers. At PMJ International, you are sure to find OEM parts for all Ingersoll Rand compressor models. Thus, you can rest assured that the part is specifically designed for the model you have. We always advise users not to base their prices on price alone. It’s better to purchase high-quality parts at a premium than save a few Pounds on something that won’t last as long.

A Variety of Prizes

At PMJ International, we sell different sizes of air compressor parts to help you find the ideal component for your equipment. We have indicated the perfect models for each part to make it easy to identify them.

Access to Energy-efficient Parts

Industrial air compressors consumer lots of energy, especially when running for long periods. Finding an energy-efficient part is vital to saving on utility bills. We know this too well and stock energy-efficient Ingersoll Rand compressor parts, including the variable speed drive, vacuum pump, pressure switch and motor.

High-quality Construction

We know that an air compressor is not equipment you want buy every day. So, finding sturdy and durable parts is crucial to prolonging its life. Air compressors and parts from this brand are made of cast iron, which is known for durability and efficient performance. The cast-iron build makes it easy to treat the air compressor parts for corrosion and rust.

Diversity of Air Compressor Parts

We stock a range of air compressor parts to match the diverse needs of users. Whether you are looking for parts for your hobby type air compressors or industrial type air compressors, you are sure to find all kinds at PMJ International. Call our parts hotline on 0800 677 1367 with any enquiries.

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