Clarke Compressor Parts

Clarke compressors are used in a variety of application across various industries in scientific, electrical, mechanical and health with petrol-driven and electrical options available. When repairing and servicing your compressor, you need to use authentic Clarke compressor parts to ensure optimal performance and retain the warranty and efficiency of your air unit.

We Provide Quality Parts

We stock a variety of Clarke compressor spares for all models. Our firm strives to ensure that you get the part you need as soon as you require it to cut down on downtime and the costs that come with it. You can purchase the components using the part numbers or names for your convenience. We recommend that you work with a qualified air compressor technician when placing the order to ensure that you are picking the right part.

Clarke Spare Parts


Clients can purchase air compressor consumables that include Clarke compressor oil, valves, air tools, tubing, hoses, fittings, nuts and bolts, cylinders, actuators and gauges, among other parts. You can rely on us for consumables for any of the models from the manufacturer. It is recommended that you keep a few of the consumables at your premises for quick replacements when the compressor develops issues.

Service Kits

We have a wide range of Clarke compressor service kits that suite rotary screw and piston and rotary wave compressors. Our service kits come with a host of items to make servicing your air compressors easy. We sell OEM products that are made to the exact specifications of the air compressor model that needs repair.

Service Filters

Your air compressor requires several filters. We have Clarke compressor oil filters, cabinet filters, air filters and separator filters for any of the models. We source filters from OEM manufacturers to ensure that they are efficient, have a long life and are resistant to corrosion. Additionally, they work with oil-free air compressors. All the filters come with a full warranty from the manufacturer.

Other Parts

We also have lots of other Clarke compressor parts and tools in stock. You can reach us for any part, including electrical wiring and switches, couplings, belts and compressor mountings, among other components.

Ensure that your Clarke compressor works optimally by purchasing quality parts from us. We guarantee durable, OEM parts for your compressor to save you cash on regular repairs. Our parts enhance the performance of your unit in the long run. At PMJ International we are the suppliers for quality parts for other compressor brands, including Boge, Ingersoll Rand and Mattei across the UK. Call us on 0800 677 1367 (Freephone) with any enquiries.

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