Condor Pressure Switches

At PMJ International, we know what you need. We have the parts and the spares. We supply parts for most major brands of industrial air compressors and vacuums, for example, BogeIngersoll Rand, and Atlas Copco.The history of leading brand, Condor, goes back 125 years. The company issued the first patent for a pump pressure switch 85 years ago. As with all the parts we supply at PMJ International, we are proud to supply you with Condor pressure switches for your compressors. Quality pressure switches are essential for maintaining your air compressor’s longevity. To illustrate this point, note that the switches come with unloader valves to prevent compressor motor stalls. They accomplish this by removing pressure from the piston before the compressor restarts.
To put it very simply, a pressure switch turns the compressor on when the pressure reaches a pre-programmed low level (cut-in value), and off when the pressure reaches a pre-programmed upper level (cut-out value). Pressure switches are built with a component that responds to pressure. Typically, this is a membrane that contracts or expands, depending on the amount of pressure applied to it. When the membrane distorts due to the force of compressed air, for example, an attached lever breaks electrical contact. Conversely, when the membrane reverts to its original shape as the pressure decreases, the switch turns on.
We’ve briefly described two high performance Condor switches below, but note that our selection is not limited to these two models. Our knowledgeable staff can best advise you when troubleshooting any issues. We also provide data sheets, wiring diagrams, and adjustment instructions for your pressure switches from Condor.

MDR 1: MDR 1 is a single-phase, 2-pole switch offered for either air pressure or water pressure. Different flange types may be used. Pressure ranges from 2,5 – 11 bar for the air model, and 2,5 – 6 bar for the water model. (Other pressure ranges are available.) Maximum current is 20 A.

MDR 3: MDR 3 is a three-phase, 3-pole switch for both air pressure or water pressure. Some versions come with an ON/OFF knob. Maximum cut-out pressure is 35 bar. Note that many versions of the model are available with a variety of pressure ranges and overload protection ranges, to suit your particular application.

You can rest assured. When you think your compressor has failed, there is no need to discard it. Instead, replace the faulty parts with the required Condor pressure switches, Fluidair filter elements, or Domnick Hunter condensate bags. With our long experience and vast technical knowledge in the field of compressors and vacuums, and our huge inventory of parts, spares, filters, and compressor kits, we can provide an all-round solution to what ails your compressor. Contact us at freephone 0800 677 1367. We look forward to hearing from you.

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