Manufactured to fit Hydrovane

Compressor maintenance kits manufactured to fit Hydrovane models from PMJ International. Order online with free UK delivery or call our parts team on 0800 677 1367.

The last thing you need is to have a faulty Hydrovane compressor. It is recommended that you service your compressor at least every 2000 hours to ensure it continues to operate at full efficiency, surrounded by clean and dry air. We take this seriously at PMJ International, providing top quality Hydrovane maintenance kits that will both keep your compressor functioning optimally and potentially save you money on more professional maintenance or overall replacement in the long run.

Specially Manufactured To Fit Hydrovane

Our maintenance kits are designed specifically with Hydrovane in mind, so you can be sure you’re getting the proper specialist treatment for your equipment. This isn’t a makeshift kit thrown together at short notice for any generic compressor, but one tailored especially for Hydrovane. What this means is that you essentially have a guarantee the maintenance kit will work for your compressor without any problems – and if there are any unforeseen issues, you can rely on us for help. Don’t take your chances with generic options offered elsewhere; you’ll be in trusted hands with PMJ International.

What to expect from your kit

While our maintenance kits have slight variances between each, you can expect them to come with an air filter, intake valves, filler plugs, and a separator element manufactured specifically to fit different compressor models, such as a Hydrovane 6PU or 45PU for example. All of these vital components are included, though one’s individual choice will be determined by your Hydrovane model.

Why choose PMJ International?

Considering we have over 30 years’ experience in supplying processor parts to some of the world’s leading manufacturers, PMJ International is the foremost choice for all maintenance needs. Our warehouse has 5500 stock lines ranging from various service kits to electric drains and vacuum lubricants – all of which are tested, quality assured, and come with guaranteed next day delivery (completely free on UK orders over £200). We don’t take shortcuts, but we also believe in providing an efficient service. So even in an emergency, you can rely on our highly professional team to get those parts to you safely and swiftly.

We have a variety of Hydrovane maintenance kits available at different prices to suit your specific needs. Take a look at our range today and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our parts team on 0800 677 1367 or place an order online.

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