Air Drying Box for Air Breaking Systems

Order Air Drying Box for Air Breaking Systems at PMJ International. Call our freephone parts hotline on 0800 677 1367 with any enquiries or assistance with ordering. Air drying boxes play a vital role in pneumatic brake systems. Avoid failure by eliminating water from freezing at moving parts with the application of air dryer.

A dry box is basically a storing vessel where the internal part is maintained at low humidity levels. It could be an impermeable or hermetic enclosure, or it may remove water vapour through active means from the air imprisoned inside.
A fundamental part of air-filled braking systems is the air-drying boxes. Moisture occurs in the air naturally. During operation of air braking systems, there occurs abrupt compression change which starts to shrink the inner fortifications of the system. This, therefore, causes corrosion of whatever metal parts constitute the air braking system. As a result, this would lead to braking system failure due to the accumulation of water. In winter, it gets worse as the amassed water tends to freeze, getting in the way of moving parts.

With air-drying boxes for air braking systems, any water build-up is deterred, increasing the efficacy of the entire braking system. The air drying box consists of granules, which have strong hygroscopic capabilities. When air passes through these granules, there is a chemical reaction that prohibits moisture from getting into the braking system. The air drying boxes not only retain moisture, but they also trap solid contaminants contained in the air. This procedure is made possible by a particular partition made of non-woven material which performs a filtering process. This filtering partition constitutes a unique polymeric fabric which facilitates maximum moisture absorption.

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