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Find Mann filter bowl assemblies available to order here at PMJ International. For any assistance with ordering or product enquiries please call our Parts Hotline on 0800 677 1367 (Freephone). Diesel engines are popular with most drivers due to their fuel economy and smooth driving. That is why Mann+Hummel has developed innovative Mann Filter Bowl Assemblies to give vehicles owners the best driving experience on all types of Ford vehicles.

Superior filters – The Mann Filter Bowl Assemblies are designed to protect fuel injection systems from contamination by water and particle impurities. The fuel filters feature a Multigrade F-MB 25 particle filter media, which combines superb filtration with excellent dirt retention capacity. They have a service interval range of 60,000 to 80,000 kilometres, depending on the size of the element. All the filter systems include an electric heating system that prevents the blockage of the filter media in cold environments.

The fuel filters feature a novel three-stage water filtering system. The system is highly efficient and removes even minute water droplets in the range of 10 micrometres. They also have a high separation efficiency that offers over 90% fuel purity even when the filter element is fully loaded. This means that drivers will still enjoy high fuel efficiency, even when the injection system needs servicing. Moreover, the system has sensors that detect when the water collector is filled to capacity so that it can be discharged from the fuel injection system.

Different designs – There are several variants for different types of vehicles though all feature relatively similar parts to reduce complexity and offer competitive pricing. Each design has a unique water discharge mechanism and allowances for other functions such as fuel heating.

Each filter model has a unique water discharge design, depending on the installation space available on a particular vehicle model and ease of servicing. Filters that are accessible from above have a discharge pipe, while those that can discharge from below have a water drain plug. These options increase the ease of servicing the injection system and prolong the life of the filter element.

Pioneering design – Mann Filter Bowl Assemblies recently introduced a fuel filter with a removable case. The design features an aluminium die-cast casing for filters used on large passenger cars such as sedans. They have a half-moon seal that remains firm and stable under pressure. This setup facilitates easy servicing and replacement of the filter element.

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PMJ International supplies quality air compressor parts from all the major brands including Clarke, Ingersoll Rand and Mann, throughout the UK. You can request spare parts for all the diesel filters on your family and business vehicles.Cal our freephone Parts Hotline on 0800 677 1367 for assistance.

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