Cabin Filter Elements

Order from a wide range of highly efficient cabin filter elements here at PMJ International to prevent contaminants and pollutants. A cabin air filter is a vital component for any vehicle. Sourced by our dedicated team at PMJ International, leading suppliers of top-of-the-line compressed air products, we deliver right throughout the UK from our warehouse in Essex. Read on to find out more about the aftermarket and OEM cabin filters we supply from leading brands.
Introduced to all new cars from 2000 onwards, cabin filters now represent an important part of a car’s air filtration system. Despite this, a lot of drivers don’t even realise that this filter element exists in their car, tucked away behind the glove compartment yet easy to access for replacement. These cabin filter elements capture airborne particles (dust, pollen, soot, etc.) before they can enter the car’s cabin area, trapping them in the filter’s pleated fibres that are commonly made from paper cotton and other materials.
It’s always important to be breathing clean air – especially in a car, where contaminated air can build up and become concentrated if the air filtration system isn’t doing its job properly. These contaminants can bring on various health complications when exposed to them for long periods. This is especially pertinent in locations prone to high levels of pollution, which accounts for nearly 2,000 places across the UK, according to a 2019 campaign-led pollution map. Bronchitis, seasonal allergies, asthma and cancer are just some of the ailments that can arise from frequent exposure to dirty air.
Good quality cabin filters from brands such as Mann, Boge and Ingersoll Rang, which we supply to customers throughout the UK here at PMJ International, offer year-round protection from contaminants and moisture without a drop in performance. The very best filters will have a HEPA rating, which means they are 99.97% efficient– in other words, no particles greater than 2 microns in diameter may escape the filter material of these products, including odour-causing particles.
Our diverse line of products and 30 years of experience in this industry ensure that customers are left satisfied across the board. From made-to-fit air filters to OEM solutions, there’s options for a wide range of vehicles and with a dedicated and knowledgeable sales team, no technical questions are too difficult to answer when buying the right car filter in the UK. Choose from our range of products below and order online or give our parts team a call on 0800 677 1367.

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