Fuel Filter Elements

Clean fuel: this terminology usually refers to alternative energy sources; here we refer to clean fuel as a fuel that is completely free of contamination, literally clean.

Eco-friendly technology – All the latest automobile designs feature cutting-edge engine technology that gives high performance alongside lower and more efficient fuel consumption. This advanced technology aims at zero exhaust emissions, a benefit to the environment.

Fuel injection – Modern engines use fuel injection systems which need perfectly clean fuel to function effectively. The fuel itself must meet high standards, yet tiny dirt particles could still intrude, bringing problems such as obstructed boreholes in the fuel preparation system, and the presence of water in the injection fuel systems could cause corrosion.

Fuel filter elements – For the above reasons, all combustion engines are equipped with fuel filters. Filters block all foreign bodies, dust, dirt, and rust, and some filter out water. Filters leave the flow of fuel clean and reliable, consequently assuring optimal engine operation.

Types of filters – Fuel filter elements are housed in the engine space in separate compartments. Inline filters are installed on the fuel line, and spin-on filters are complex single units comprising housing and filter with various connection options. The most commonly used filtering system is the fuel filter element: it is easily accessible for periodic checks and, if necessary, can be replaced quite simply, without having to replace the housing.


Injection fuel systems require ultra-high levels of fuel cleanliness. These state-of-the-art systems work with high pressure and low tolerance. Fuel injection operation involves very high pressures, 2000 bar or over, and practically zero tolerance of any impurities in the fuel. The tiniest particle that gets through could cause malfunction or even engine failure. An important filter requirement is resistance. It has to operate within a temperature range of between -40 °C and 100 °C, and it must be resistant to the fuel itself, which can contain high levels of ethanol or biodiesel.

Filter replacement – Fuel filter elements are consumable items needing replacement after approximately 60,000 km. A hard-working filter, which has blocked all manner of foreign bodies, will get obstructed over time, slowing down the fuel flow. This will have an impact on engine performance, so periodic checks and, if necessary, replacement will keep the engine running smoothly. The replacement filter should be original-equipment quality to avoid any consequent issues with fuel flow and to safeguard engine performance.

Safety features – The well-known brand names in the engine filters sector are constantly developing high-performance filters that meet the strict quality standards set by leading vehicle and engine manufacturers. Injection systems have stringent requirements that branded filter manufacturers have to meet, thus assuring absolute safety and constant reliable performance. These requirements aim at protecting both the injection flow system and the engine.

PMJ International

Mann is the top-quality brand name in this sector, providing the best in all types of fuel filters. PMJ International provides the best in supply and distribution of guaranteed brand-name parts. We operate throughout the UK and our delivery service is speedy and guaranteed, we recognise that often there is urgency when parts are needed, including our top-quality Mann fuel filters.

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