Rotor for Oil Centrifuge

Rotor for Oil Centrifuge manufactured to fit Mann Filters, available to order here at PMJ International. Order here or call our freephone parts Hotline on 0800 677 1367. A centrifuge is a device used to separate various components of a fluid, like oil. It uses centrifugal force for the process. It also works by spinning the fluids at high speed within a container. Turning action causes the separation of different liquids with varying densities. In the process, solids are also separated from the fluids. The process is quite intricate, and it may take a long time. An oil centrifuge is usually made up of a rotor.
A rotor is a component of an oil centrifuge. It is used to house the tubes in which the separation occurs. A rotor for oil centrifuge is usually designed to burden a maximum load at a unique speed. There are two main types of rotors for centrifuge oils;

Fixed angle rotors – these rotors hold the separation tubes at a stable angle, usually 45 degrees relative to the rotation axis.

Swinging-bucket rotors – these rotors swing out when centripetal force is applied. At the same time, it holds the cells at an approximately 90-degree angle relative to the rotation axis angle. These rotors offer a superior sedimentation location (bottom of the centrifuge tube as opposed to the sides), making them the best choice for centrifuging samples.
PMJ International is a supplier of quality compressed air parts for brands throughout the UK. Below are some reasons why you should buy rotors for oil centrifuges from us:

We manufacture the safest and most durable rotors. Note that The centrifugal force produced by high rotational speed causes pressure on the rotor metals, resulting in an altered size. For this reason, the best rotor manufacturers, like PMJ International, submit their products for high-stress tests. Doing this helps ensure that the rotors can survive the centrifuge pressure and have a long life. It also provides the safety of the rotors and the entire centrifuge.
Product quality and reliability – We also offers incredible product qualities. They use the best and most reliable materials that can withstand harsh conditions within the centrifuge.

PMJ International supplies oil centrifuges and other parts for air compressors. Our positive reputation throughout the UK makes it an ideal place to purchase oil centrifuge. If you are unsure about ordering the right products or have any general queries please don’t hesitate to call our freephone parts hotline on 0800 677 1367.

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