Order Mann Filter separators here from PMJ International for compressed air-oil separation. Call our freephone parts hotline on 0800 677 1367 with any enquiries or for assistance in placing your order.

Mann filter separators follow the principle of coalescence. This is whereby micro-glass fibre layers disentangle oil drops with the compressed air redirecting them to the compressor’s oil circuit in large drops.

The Design: This separator can be used in any sliding vane compressor and is also suitable for different varieties of screw types. The elements of the standard wrap are created for pressure differences of around 0.5 MPa, while the residual oil content is set for a normal flow rate. For this filter, the service life is fully reliant on the cleanliness of the oil and the quality of the appliance. A well-functioning system can achieve a service life of up to 4000 hours. Pressure Resistance Mann Filter separator housings can operate at pressures of up to 2 MPa or 1.4 MPa. At nominal flow rate, the residual oil content operates at a pressure of approx. 1-3 mg/m3. Highly developed oil injection systems require fuel that has the lowest quantity of water content. Mann Filter separators are multi-stage separators excellent at separating water from finely dispersed oil emulsions to meet the purity needed.

Benefits of Choosing PMJ International: PMJ International is a leading supplier of quality compressed air parts from trusted brands, including Boge, Ingersoll rand and Mann, throughout the UK. We bring you a diverse range of products and an experience of over 30 years in the industry. We know that the quality of your production matters, the reason we only bring to you reliable parts that will help you to minimise your company’s bottom-line. When buying from us, you can be sure that you are purchasing high-quality parts with moneyback guarantee. PMJ International understands that choosing the right part prolongs the life of your compressor. This is why we do not just rely on one manufacturer but a large number of them, to ensure that individual customers are exposed to a large variety of parts. We are a convenient and quick online store with thousands of parts from stock to choose from. It is necessary to note that no matter how powerful you believe your compressor is, it cannot work properly without the correct accessories.

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