Compressor accessoriesFittings and Adapters

Before you choose an extra air tool or hose, you should not forget the fittings and adapters because you will need them to connect the compressor to the accessories. Corrosion and rust are a significant problem, you can avoid them by going for the anodized fittings and adapters. With quick connectors, you can clean the equipment quickly due to easy on and off.


The motor needs a filter for it to work effectively. However, if used for long, the filter can clog, thereby causing stress on the engine. This will eventually reduce its efficiency and lifespan. You must check the system regularly and ensure that you replace the filters when they’re clogged.

Connecting Rods

These help to ensure an up and down movement of the piston within the crankcase. The connecting roads take away the heavy workload. Among all accessories of air compressor, they are the most durable. However, durability depends on the manufacturing company. If you maintain your equipment regularly, then you will not have to replace the connecting rods. In case you need a replacement, you can get the best model from PMJ International

Air Regulator

You might find a new air compressor that can deliver 150 PSI or higher, the chances are that the tools you have purchased with it are slower than expected. This is why you need an air regulator. It helps to reduce the level of pressure so that the tools can operate to the optimum without developing a glitch.

There are many other accessories that you may need for your equipment to work effectively and correctly. Aftercooler and Air Line Lubricators help to enhance the efficiency of the product. Therefore, before you start using an air compressor, make sure that you have all the accessories for the best performance. In case there are compressor accessories that need to be replaced, it is essential that you look for the most reliable dealers for the best spare parts. From PMJ International, you can get the best accessories which are carefully crafted to let your equipment attain the best functionality.