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Order Mann Filter Removal Tools here from PMJ International. For any enquiries regarding our products please call our freephone parts Hotline on 0800 677 1367.

Mann filters are essential for any engine that uses oil or a by-product of oil. They facilitate the oil filters with highly elastic, specially designed anti-drain membranes. The membranes ensure that the oil continues to stay in the filter even when a vehicle is at an inclined position and the engine has been disengaged. The oil filter is critical because it extracts any impurities from the engine oil you are using. The impurities could cause extensive damage to your engine, and many times, these damages are beyond repair.

Our experts here at PMJ international always recommend that you change your oil filter at the same time you change the oil. It will also optimise your engine’s performance. When it is finally time to change that oil filter, it can get hectic. It is because they are hard to handle because of the oil and grease all over the filters. Therefore, you need tools to help you remove the filters and get a clean replacement.

At PMJ International, we specialise in the supply of air compressor parts, Mann filters and many more service tools. Here are some tools from PMJ international.

Mann filter (Ls11) – It will help prolong the engine life and improve the overall performance by a significant margin.

The Mann filter (Ls6-1)  is a great service tool for you. It is best suited for a 14-faced can.

Mann filter (LS8) best serves for a can with a 6 piece groove. Overall, it is a great, wrench removal tool.

Mann filters (LSG). an amazing tool for everyday use.

Additionally, PMJ International offers an extensive range of compressor parts, spares filters and so much more engine care tools. The products qualities are superior and all the parts are genuine.

Here are some benefits of shopping with PMJ International:

Timely deliveries on all items ordered. 

High-quality spare parts, compressor parts, Mann filters, vacuum pump parts, and inline filters. 

Excellent customer care service

Affordable prices on all items.

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