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  • PMJ International | How to Service an Air Compressor 0

    How to Service an Air Compressor

    Servicing your air compressor is a crucial part of maintaining its performance and prolonging its lifespan. In this blog post, we’ll go over some key steps to properly service your air compressor. At PMJ International Ltd, we understand the importance…

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  • PMJ International | Why Are Air Compressors Lubricated? 1

    Why Are Air Compressors Lubricated?

    Reduce energy costs Having the air compressor well-lubricated reduces friction, which may result in wear and excess heat. Typically, the compressor’s parts like rotors, bearings, gears, cylinders, and sliding vanes cause more heat as they move. At the same time, it needs a lot of energy to cool the unit and allow for safer functioning. With proper lubrication, power usage and energy costs get reduced drastically. More importantly, it ensures that everything keeps on working efficiently without wearing out. As…

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  • PMJ International | Common Symptoms Of A Bad Fuel Filter 2

    Common Symptoms Of A Bad Fuel Filter

    A bad fuel filter or one that is clogged up eventually leads to several car problems. As a car owner, you need to continually check your fuel and clean it or replace it with a new and quality fuel filter from PMJ International. Let’s take a look at the common symptoms of a bad fuel filter. Reduced engine power One of the most common signs of a bad or clogged up fuel filter is the lack of engine power. The lack of engine power in all gears could be due to the lack of fuel reaching the injector. In this case, the fuel filter is clogged up with rust or dirt, thus allowing little or no fuel to get through.

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  • PMJ International | Guide To Compressor Air Filters 3

    Guide To Compressor Air Filters

    Why do you need Compressed Air Filters? Basing on the work they perform, the air filter system happens to be an essential part of any vehicle. Without a proper compressor filter, the damage that will occur to your car will be unbearable and costly to counteract. Therefore, you need to check and replace them with the compressor air filters from PMJ International. We are a leading supplier of quality compressed air parts from brands such as the Condor, Clarke, Ingersoll Rand,…

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  • PMJ International | Which Air Compressor Is Right For You? 4

    Which Air Compressor Is Right For You?

    The features Understand the features of the air compressor before making a purchase. What features are most suited for the task at hand and which can simplify your job? A belt-drive system, for instance, gives quieter operation than a direct-drive…

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  • Compressor Parts

    How To Prevent Pressure Drops In Air Compressors

    This might sound counter-intuitive, but if your air compressor output pressure is too high, it could be putting strain on the joints and connectors in your distribution airline, leading to avoidable leaks. If you can reduce the compressor output pressure while still achieving the same pressure at the point of use, you can make immediate energy and cost savings while you tackle some more long-term fixes. 2. Check dryers and in-line filters Change your compressor filters coalescing filter element and…

    Read more 11 Feb 2020
  • PMJ International | How To Adjust And Reset Our Air Compressor Pressure Switch MDR1 & MDR 3 5

    How To Adjust And Reset Our Air Compressor Pressure Switch MDR1 & MDR 3

    Setting the Air Compressor Switch It is always a wise idea to set the cut-in as well as the cut-out pressure. Cut in pressure – this is the basic pressure level within which the compressor starts Cut-out pressure – this is the basic pressure level which the compressor stops at when it has been surpassed. This pressure level is always higher than the cut-in pressure. The best pressure level for any compressor, whether large or small, is always low. However, the applications…

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  • Compressor Parts

    When Should I Get My Air Compressor Tested?

    Through testing, it is possible to find out which parts need to be replaced. PMJ International is among the top companies when it comes to supply of air compressor parts in the UK. The firm offer products from leading brands including Boge, Ingersoll Rand and Mattei. The products are not only affordable but also efficient. Here is why you should get your air compressor tested. Minimisation of field issues/uncertainties It is common for air compressors to develop problems and faults. It is normal for owners to be tempted to throw away the devices if they fail to work properly. Testing enables users to know the quality of the device they want to possess. Through testing, it is possible to minimise…

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  • Compressor Manifold

    What is a Compressor Manifold?

    The Primary Function of a Compressor Manifold By their very nature, compressors have been designed to manipulate pressurised air. A manifold can essentially be viewed as a “switch” that is designed to regulate the amount of air pressure between the internal tank and the discharge coupling. Although the designs of these manifolds are quite different between manufacturers, these devices allow users to connect a series of hoses to a point so that pressurised air can be accessed when needed. In…

    Read more 29 Jan 2020
  • Air Compressor Check Valve

    How Does an Air Compressor Check Valve Work?

    The Principle Behind a Check Valve Whether referring to a hydrovane compressor or a centrifugal model, the presence of a check valve is of critical importance. The principle behind any type of check valve involves the regulation of air flow. This…

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  • PMJ International | What Are The Parts of An Air Compressor 6

    What Are The Parts of An Air Compressor

    The Pump The pump is the primary mechanical portion of the compressor, as it will compress the air and send it to another component known as the receiver (more on this later). Pumps can sometimes be adjusted in order to accommodate for different pressures; providing manual adjustment capabilities when needed. The Condensate Drain Condensate drains are another important component, as they allow the user to remove any moisture that may have accumulated within the system without causing any air to…

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  • Compressor Parts

    Reciprocating vs Rotary Compressors

    Reciprocating Versus Rotary Compressors Reciprocating compressors function similarly to an automobile engine due to the presence of a piston that moves back and forth during operation. Many of these piston-type compressors can work in synergy to provide excellent cooling benefits.

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  • How To Remove a Pulley From Air Compressor Motor

    How to Remove a Pulley from an Air Compressor Motor

    Pulleys are essential components of any air compressor, as they are attached to the motor and play a critical role in sending pressurised air to the nearby tank. These mechanical devices can nonetheless be damaged over time due to common issues such as wear and tear. This is when a replacement may be required. Changing out an existing pulley is a rather straightforward process if we learn to appreciate the main steps involved. Let’s break down this task into a…

    Read more 17 Dec 2019
  • PMJ International | What Size Air Compressor Do I Need for Specific Air Tools? 7

    What Size Air Compressor Do I Need for Specific Air Tools?

    Air compressors are often used in conjunction with handheld tools in order to tackle projects that would be difficult to accomplish through manual labour alone. Examples can include impact wrenches within a garage and the air required to power a pneumatic pump. It should still be mentioned that different tools will require slightly different air compressor configurations. What factors will need to be taken into account in order to ensure that you have chosen the correct model for your requirements? PSI AND CFM: WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE? The power output of an air compressor (such as a hydrovane compressor or a standard reciprocating compressor) is measured in two ways: PSI (pounds per square inch) CFM (cubic feet per minute). Why…

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  • How to adjust an air compressor switch

    How to Safely and Correctly Adjust an Air Compressor Switch

    Air compressor switches are crucial elements in determining the amount of pressure that your machine will obtain while simultaneously ensuring that the unit itself functions properly. However, there can be times when this switch may need to be adjusted in order to accommodate specific needs. The good news is that this can be done manually if the proper steps are followed. Let us look at what this process entails so that frustrating setbacks and even mechanical damage can be avoided.

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  • PMJ International | How Does an Air Compressor Work? 8

    How Does an Air Compressor Work?

    Used to power a variety of commercial and industrial equipment, air compressors are some of the most important tools in these modern times. There are a variety of makes and models on the open market; their configuration often being influenced…

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  • PMJ International | Questions For Air Filter Selection 9

    Questions For Air Filter Selection

    Why do you need an air filter? Air filters are used to protect your equipment by filtering out harmful dust and contaminants. This helps limit condensation, rust, and scale from your hose, attachments and other damaging particles. This helps to preserve your equipment and keep it working efficiently for longer. What are the differences between air filters? Air filters come in a wide range of sizes and custom filters are also sometimes required for certain uses. In addition, some filters…

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  • PMJ International | Compressed Air Filters Guide 10

    Compressed Air Filters Guide

    WHAT ARE COMPRESSED AIR FILTERS? Also known as line filters, they are components used together with air compressors and their main function is to remove impurities such as dirt, oil, dust and even water from the air to protect your…

    Read more 06 Nov 2019
  • Condor Switch

    How Does A Pressure Switch For Compressor Work?

    Why shop with PMJ International? There are notable benefits that can accrue to you if you choose to shop with PMJ International and these are as follows: We not only specialise in compressed air parts but also the associated spares and accessories. Online orders are dispatched immediately and will reach you fast enough. The e-commerce ordering system is highly encrypted and secured to guarantee you total control over your orders. An active customer service team is always…

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