Condensate Cleaners

Why do we Need Air Compressor Condensate Cleaners?

As air compressors cool down they produce condensation. In many instances the water condensate is contaminated by the lubricating oil that is used to keep the mechanism operating smoothly. Although the quantity of such condensation from an individual use may seem insignificant, it is still harmful to the environment. And of course, it is against the law to dispose of the condensation in foul water drainage channels unless it has been effectively treated by one of the condensate cleaners that are available.
Some air compressors operate without the use of oil. The resulting water condensate in this type of compressor has a similar composition to the condensation that forms naturally from the moisture in the atmosphere. Air compressors that use lubrication inevitably produce a quantity of water condensate that includes approximately 0.01% of oil. Even compact air compressors with a power of 18 Kilowatts can produce thousands of litres of condensation in just one year. The accumulated oil and other fragments of toxic waste can often reach an annual amount of around 1,000 ppm. This far exceeds the permitted maximum level of 20 ppm. Any contaminated water condensate that is released into the environment could disperse oil along the waterways for many miles harming wildlife and household water supplies. The disposal of condensate is covered by the “1991 water resources act” making it illegal to discharge compressed air condensate down the drain
Using an effective water condensate cleaning system has positive benefits. Many condensation cleaners can effectively reduce the oil content of the waste water to as low as 10 ppm. Beneficial features include the automatic draining of the condensate and an alarm system to warn of any interruption to the cleaning procedure. The majority of cleaners are compatible with all types of air compressors. An emphasis on energy efficiency ensures the cleaners are economic to operate. Many machines have simplified maintenance programmes that can save money and time.
At PMJ International, we only stock high performance water condensate cleaners that are economic, efficient and are of positive benefit to the environment. We have an impressive range of models that are easy to operate and maintain. Cleaners from Ingersoll Rand are noted for their resistance to air loss while Boge models are particularly compact. We also stock versatile, effective cleaners from some of the most well-known companies, including Worthington, Zander and Ecosep.

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