Air line Lubricants

PMJ International offers a wide range of air compressor lubricants for the efficient operational performance of your applications. Our products are highly reliable, and carefully designed teams of expert engineers to guarantee the high-quality and top performance of compressors. Because they don’t include any additives or sulfur in their composition which can lead to build-up on valves, our lubricants ensure a long lifetime to applications.
PMJ International offers air compressor lubricants for use in rotary screw, vane, and reciprocating air compressors. They’re customised to meet the specific requirements of each application to ensure optimised functioning. Our range of products is supplied by top players in the industry including Boge, Mattei, Ingersoll Rand which we deliver throughout the UK. With the help of the latest available technology, our lubricants are formulated using hydro-cracked and hydro-treated hydrocarbon fluids to yield long service even in challenging working conditions. And, our premium synthetic lubricants are propriety products designed to overcome the rising challenges of new equipment.
Our lubricants cater to the needs of each air compressor application to achieve flawless operational functioning and increased lifetime. PMJ International offers air compressor lubricants created by chemists and industry experts which guarantee a minimised formation of carbon and varnish deposits. Also, they ensure long drain intervals, minimal oil flammability and volatility, low energy consumption, and optimal functioning during a wide range of temperatures and pressure levels. Also, our fluids protect against corrosion and they’re compatible with all the internal parts of the compressor to ensure optimum performance of the entire system. The whole range of our lubricants is fully compliant with international and domestic industry standards which guarantees their top-quality and reliability.

Our suppliers ensure high performant products to meet the challenging requirements of our clients’ applications. It’s common for air compressors to have a long lifetime when using premium grade fluids such as the products provided by PMJ International. Applications are protected from damage and enjoy a flawless functionality guaranteed by the features and properties of each product which we offer. We understand how important it is to match the requirements of your applications with the right lubricants to extend the life of your air compressor and ensure streamlined operations. So, all our air compressor lubricants combine the qualities of highly efficient formulas to guarantee that your applications benefit from extended protection and can effectively operate in harsh environments across a wide variety of conditions.

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