compressor manifold

The Primary Function of a Compressor Manifold

By their very nature, compressors have been designed to manipulate pressurised air. A manifold can essentially be viewed as a "switch" that is designed to regulate the amount of air pressure between the internal tank and the discharge coupling. Although the designs of these manifolds are quite different between manufacturers, these devices allow users to connect a series of hoses to a point so that pressurised air can be accessed when needed. In other words, compressor manifolds are somewhat similar to electrical junction boxes. The main issue is that the design and style of the manifolds themselves will depend upon the brand name (for example, a Clarke air compressor will normally require a specific manifold as opposed to a generic model).

What are the On-Site Benefits of Compressor Manifolds?

One of the reasons why a manifold will often come in handy involves situations when multiple tools need to access an air compressor. As opposed to being forced to constantly change connections, users can instead employ a single hose with a number of ports. This saves a great deal of time while ensuring that the appropriate pressure is present when it is needed the most.

Much like any other air compressor component, manifolds may need to be replaced from time to time. The team at PMJ International supplies numerous parts and accessories from trusted manufacturers, so be sure to look at our line of products to learn more.