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Filters play an essential role in the compressed air process. No matter the expected end product, strict purity standards must be observed. Air contains contaminants that need to be removed including vapours, air aerosols and particulates. Contaminants can find their way into the compressed air from various sources. Intake air can be accompanied by pollen particulates or dust, while corroded pipes can introduce some harmful particulates from the compressor system.

What Are Compressor Air Filters Used For? 

Compressor air filters are also known as line filters. The filters are used to sieve contaminants from compressed air after the compression process. Filters are of various sizes, types and quality. However, all filters are used to remove pollutants in a compressor air dryer.

How Does A Compressed Air Filter Work? 

The process kicks off with the compressed air passing through a mesh filter. The mesh filter brings about coalescence effect. It is in this stage that bigger particles are trapped on the filter and water is condensed into droplets. The droplets are later directed into the separation chamber. The compressed air is slacked off to condense the water droplets. The water droplets then travel to the bottom of the drainage system and then finds its way to the electric drain valve and later discharge.

Types of Air Compressor Filters

There are several types of compressed air filters. Here is an insight into several types, specifications and sizes.

Coalescing Filters

These kinds of filters are mainly used to remove oil or moisture that is dangling in compressed air inform of tiny particles. Unlike other filters, coalescing filters do not trap contaminants. They filter materials and merge water and oil droplets to form more significant drops. The drop then falls to the floor of the filter.

Particulate Filters

These types of filters are used to trap foreign particles and dust from the air. Most of them remove particles and hold them hostage in the filter material. The trapped dust is collected inside the filter material. Particulate filters are made with a large dust storage capacity.

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