Hydrovane Compressor Parts


PMJ International is renown for its quality Hydrovane compressor parts. Our trained service technicians are highly experienced and can advise on any compressor brand.

We offer a complete installation service. The installation includes machinery moving, ductwork and electrical work. PMJ provides routine servicing, and emergency service on the hydrovane compressor parts and air dryers. The company has the expertise to service all major brands of compressors.

The service department is the backbone of this company. Regardless of whether the compressors are down or you are having an emergency, the maintenance program and emergency service will resolve it swiftly. Adequately maintained equipment gives you efficiency. The company has rental compressors in stock for your needs. The service department will get your plant working efficiently in a short time. The trained technicians are dispatched immediately and come with replaceable parts to ensure minimal downtime. PMJ International houses a full compressor rebuild department that undertakes significant repairs. The technicians can take the entire unit and do a complete rebuild in a week at most.

Repairs include rebuilding the motor, air end, replacing the gasket, performing full maintenance service including cleaning the coolers. The technicians also replace coupling element, o-rings, seals, and adjusting controls. The experts replace any problematic component. The company offers preventive maintenance service for vacuum pumps, compressors, and related parts. Typical service includes replacement of oil filters, separators, cleaning coolers, performing a multipoint inspection, testing oil, and grease bearings. The trained technicians keep your hydrovane air compressor in an optimal condition which minimises unplanned downtime.

The Hydrovane compressors have an unmatched reputation for dependable, quality and long-lasting machinery. The parts are the best in the market. The compressors are backed by 10-year platinum warranty. We supply the right machine to the right clients. PMJ International use a consultative approach to its clients and offer customers proper compressor solutions. The goal is to provide customers with reliable and energy-efficient compressor parts to minimise their total cost of operations. The compressors have a simple design inspired by advanced technology.


  • A trustworthy provider of hydrovane compressor parts protects your interests.
  • A leading supplier of high quality air compressor parts from various brands such as Ingersoll Rand, Boge and Mann throughout the UK.

Dealing with trained technicians who understand how air compressors work is vital, and ensures you enjoy optimal performance. Trained technicians offer you quality maintenance service. You have access to a skilled workforce that can handle any challenge. Besides, PMJ International has all the air compressor parts you need and can service any brand. Order online or call 0800 677 1367.

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