Compressor Accessories

Compressor Accessories

Numerous industries use compressed air for different operations, hence the need for high-quality equipment. Sectors like cement manufacturing, wastewater management and food & beverage require varying types of industrial compressors. Genuine air compressors can last between 10 and 20 years, but only when utilised correctly.

So, the air compressor accessories you get for a particular system are as crucial as the machine. Genuine accessories complement the system, allowing you to reach its full potential.

PMJ International sells compressor accessories separately, enabling you to pick the appropriate products for your machine easily.

Our Range of Compressor Accessories

We understand that air compressors come in different sizes, makes and models, requiring specific accessories. Therefore, we carry an extensive selection to ensure whatever the power or size of a compressor, you have suitable add-ons. Some of the products available include:

• Scavenge filters
• Air end rebuild kits
• Thermal motors & Thermistors
• Main Bearings and Oil seals
• Oil Return valves
• Electrical switch gear
• Drive Media (Belts & Coupling rubbers)

We stock accessories for leading compressor brands. Whether you are using the Hydrovane rotary vane series or a Ingersoll Rand, you can find the right air compressor accessories here. We are a reliable supplier with a reputation for stocking high-quality products.

Buying compressor accessories from PMJ International saves you money because you get the best parts to use with your systems, thereby, enhancing their functionalities.

Superior Quality Air Tools

We have a selection of air compressor tools as well. Do you need an air-powered blow gun to clear particulate, dust and chips from surfaces? Maybe your garage requires air-powered cutoff tools, like a grinder or saw.

PMJ International makes sure you have the right tool for the job. We supply a broad category of air tools, including spray guns, wrenches and drills.

Browse our product range to see what’s available. If you are unsure about the product to buy, we can help. Our experts in air compressed systems will guide you in choosing the best accessories or tools for certain tasks.

Air compressors need the correct attachments to perform as necessary. PMJ International supplies premium compressor accessories and air tools, allowing your system to meet its requirements. Whether you need an accessory to fit an Ingersoll Rand or want an air tool kit for a hobbyist, contact us.

Compressor Other Parts

Our compressor range includes

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