Compressor Accessories

Compressor Accessories

As well as all the consumable parts required for servicing and repairing your compressor we can also offer OEM quality compressor accessories:

  • Oil Return valves
  • Scavenge filters
  • Thermal motors & Thermistors
  • Drive Medai (Belts & Coupling rubbers)
  • Air end rebuild kits
  • Main Bearings and Oil seals
  • Electrical switch gear

An air compressor is an essential tool in any industry. It is used in wastewater treatment facilities, garages and cement plants, among other heavy duty applications. PMJ International specialises in high-quality air compressor accessories to help you achieve your requirements to the highest standards. An air compressor is a device that converts power using an electric motor, gasoline engine or diesel into energy usually stored in the form of pressurised air. This air tool increases its pressure by compressing each amount of air to restricted space and transferring it to a receiver tank. Air compressors work using two mechanisms. The first involves turning the rotor on the motor of the air tool to allow the compressed air to flow and causing the motor to turn.

Compressor accessories essential for air powered motors to work include air cut off tools, air polishers, air drills, air impact wrenches, air grinders and air ratchets, to mention a few. The other mechanism works by driving either side of the piston, thrusting the piston forward and backwards. This system is suitable for air nailers-staplers, air saws, air hammers and air nibblers. Whatever the scenario, we stock the best compressor accessories. Here are reasons you should buy from us:

Reliable Air Compressor Accessories From Leading Brands

The continuity of your production process matters to us just as it is important to you. As such, we source compressor parts from best suppliers in the industry, and these include Mattei, Boge and Ingersoll. Thus, when buying from us, you can rest assured that you are choosing high-quality pieces that will last a lifetime.

Cost Efficiencies

Air compressors comprise long-term investments of any company. The average factory changes air compressors after 7-10 years, which means that the initial expenditure accounts for a fraction of the total cost of the machine. Buying parts from reliable suppliers ensures that parts last just as long as the compressor. PMJ International helps you achieve just that, helping you minimise the bottom line for your company.

A Variety of Compressor Accessories

Choosing the correct part helps prolong the life of your air compressor. As such, we not only sell products from one manufacturer but a range of them to provide our customers with a diverse variety to choose from. At PMJ International you are confident of finding the right accessory for any application; you can select a kit for maintenance on your rotary screw compressor, choose a portable air tank for your compressor, to mention a few uses.

Regardless of the size and the power of an air compressor, it can’t function properly without the necessary accessories. Some machines come with accessories out of the box while others require the user to purchase them separately. At PMJ International, you are sure to find the right accessory for a range of applications.

If its fitted to your compressor we can supply it and guarantee you a saving against your existing supplier. Call our compressor accessories and parts team on freephone: 0800 677 1367 or email any enquiries to

Compressor Other Parts

Our compressor range includes

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